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Bike Fit

The easiest and least expensive way to get faster on a bike without having to train!

Depending on the type of cycling you do, the type of cyclist you are, and the type of cyclist you hope to be…changing your fit to accommodate those variables can have a critical improvement in your comfort, aerodynamics and power output.  Coach Matt has been fitting all types of cyclists over the last 10 years and will take an athlete assessment, check your measurements, and take you and your bike through a thorough check of every angle and position to meet your performance needs.

Whether you are a Spint/Olympic specialist or love the long course of Half-Ironman and Ironman, having the right position to meet those needs is crucial for not only a fast bike split, but a faster run split.  Your effectiveness on the bike has great correlation to your ability to run smoothly out of T2.

Stop working so hard and pushing the same power output and schedule your Compass Elite bike fit and start riding faster!

Types of Bike Fittings

  • Road Cyclists (climbers, GC, sprinters, time trial specialists)
  • Off-Road Cyclists (mountain bike, cyclo-cross)
  • Junior Cyclists (all types)
  • Triathletes (short course, long course, road fit, tri fit)
  • Recreational Riders (comfort, support)

Price List

  • Performance Triathlon/TimeTrial Bike Fit   $175.00
  • Performance Road Bike Fit:  $150.00
  • Additional Bikes Fit:  $100.00


To schedule your bike fitting click Bike Fit Scheduling.